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康瓊華 daphne Kang

會長 President 

瓊華是愛城台灣同鄉會(ETA)的會長和代表。 她負責指導、提供策略,規劃年度ETA活動與領導理事會團隊來實現ETA的願景。 

瓊華最喜歡的台灣美食包括珍珠奶茶、糖醋魚和臭豆腐! 如果你想要巧遇她,她空閒時喜歡去游泳和看電影喔!。

Daphne is the Edmonton Taiwanese Association's (ETA's) leader and representative. She provides direction for the organization and ensures the vision of the ETA is realized through strategic planning and execution with the executive team. Daphne also coordinates the annual ETA events.


Daphne's favourite Taiwanese foods include bubble tea, sweet and sour fish, and stinky tofu! You can maybe find her at a pool swimming or catch her at the theatre in her spare time!

連絡會長 Connect with Daphne:

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