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施妘因 Diane Shih (Yun-Yin)

總幹事 General Director


Diane最喜歡的台灣美食為小籠湯包、鍋貼和新竹肉圓! 在空閒的時候,她也喜愛旅遊、玩咖啡拉花藝術及看設計關相事務


Diane finds and connects with vendors to build our partnerships allowing our community to give you the best experience with your membership! She’s also in charge of event planning, equipment logistics, event promotion, and all event-related matters. Internally, Diane handles internal operations, purchasing and managing administration assets, and work equipment.

Diane's favourite Taiwanese dishes are soup dumplings, fried dumplings, and Taiwanese meatballs (ba wan)! Diane enjoys traveling, making latte art, and design in her spare time.

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