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彭荷莉 Holly Peng
公關長 Director of Public Relations

Holly是ETA對外公共關係的橋樑。 她確保你的意見是被聽到的,並讓您知道是否正在發生任何重大事件。

她最喜歡的台灣美食是蛋餅。 Holly有很多興趣愛好,包括看電影,現場表演,音樂會,慢投壘球及與家人和朋友一起旅行共度時光。


Holly bridges the information between the public and the ETA. She ensures your voices are heard and lets you know if anything material is happening.

Her favourite Taiwanese food is dan bing. Holly has a plethora of interests including watching movies, live theatre, concerts, ㄗplaying slo-pitch, traveling when she can, and spending time with family and friends.

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