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林珏邑 Jo Lin
秘書長 Executive Secretary

Jo 維持同鄉會最新資訊狀態! 她也是ETA及會員之間的窗口聯絡人,同時維護同鄉會的網站,電子郵件和社交媒體平台。 她持續追蹤會議記錄,管理和維護所有信件文件,成員名單以及任何重要信息。

她最喜歡台灣美食包括台式炒米粉、燒仙草,、甜不辣和滷肉飯. 如果你幸運地遇見她, 她將會在閱讀、露營、健行、做手工藝、旅遊及與家人相處

Jo keeps everything current in the ETA! She acts as a liaison between the ETA and its members while maintaining the association's website, emails, and social media platforms. She keeps track of the minutes of meetings, manages and maintains all correspondence documents, members lists, and any important information.

Her favourite Taiwanese dishes include Taiwanese style fried rice noodles 炒米粉, hot grass jelly, fried fish cake, and braised pork on rice. If you're lucky to find her, she'll be reading, camping, hiking, crafting, traveling, or spending time with her family.

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