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Product Details 商品資訊

  • 14-inch, Oval shape

  • Cotton, bamboo, steel frame

  • Foldable for storage

  • Made in Taiwan

  • Each lantern has its own unique pattern and will be different than that shown in the photo.

  • Wiring and light bulbs are not included.

  • 尺寸:14吋柑型

  • 材質:純棉布、竹子、懸吊式結構鋼材

  • 收納:傘形方式

  • 製造:台灣 Made in Taiwan

  • 備註1:每個燈籠花色樣式都是獨特的,以收到的實品為主

  • 備註2:商品不包含接線路及燈泡

Floral Purple Taiwanese Lantern 牡丹花布紫燈籠

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