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若您是新會員,請先在選擇會員種類後點選"Sign Up"申請加入成為網站會員,同鄉會工作人員會在確認您的資料後核准您的網站會員資格,接著您可以在收到核准確認信後,回到此網頁登入直接線上透過信用卡付款,或是按照本網頁下方e-transfer的方式付會費。


​If you are a new member, please sign up after you select membership type below to become a site member first. We will review your application and eligibility. Once you received the confirmation email and approved to become a site member, you can then come back to this page and proceed with membership payment online through credit card. Alternatively, you can also follow the instruction below to make an e-transfer payment.

If you encounter any issue, please feel free to contact us.

選擇會員種類 Choose your membership type

  • 個人會員 (一年份) | Annual Individual

    Every year
  • 家庭會員 (一年份) | Annual Family

    Every year
    家庭:最多2大人+未滿18歲孩童 Family: Max. 2 Adults + Children under 18 years old

I am going to use e-Transfer to pay for my membership fee.


   1. Go on the ETA website to sign up and enter your member info

    2. Send the e-Transfer to

    3. Email and inform us that you paid the member fee.          In the email, include:
        - Member’s email address
        - Member’s full name
-       What type of member plan you paid for.

我要使用 e-Transfer 電子匯款繳會費


   1. ETA官方網站線上填寫會員資料.​

   2. 匯款至帳號

   3. 請email到 ,通知我們你已繳費。


             - 會員全名

             - 繳費會員類型

加入我們並開始享有我們即將推出的所有活動和商品的折扣! 從埃德蒙頓餐飲到個人財務規劃和健康服務等等,我們的合作商家正不斷的增加! 快來了解我們的社區有哪些令人興奮的活動並追蹤我們最新的促銷和活動!

Get access to discounts from our vendors ranging from the Edmonton food scene to personal and health services! Be the first to know about our exciting events in your community and keep updated on new promotions and initiatives with our newsletter.*

*Promotional pricing on products, services, and events reflected upon paid membership subscription and login.

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