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The first Taiwanese people came to Edmonton in the 1960s with the majority of them as postgraduate students studying at the University of Alberta. The government of Taiwan only permitted graduates to receive foreign scholarships to study abroad at the time.


In 1976, a small Taiwanese group was formed with some elected directors to provide services to its members. With the direction of Mr. Lin, Guo-Zhong, The Edmonton Taiwanese Association was officially established on October 10. Meant as a non-political, non-religious, and non-profit organization we had a mission to assist with the integration of Taiwanese immigrants into Canadian society by providing them social support and community resources to make Edmonton their home.  

With the introduction of new branding in 2020, the committee aims to hold the spirit of the original members by adapting to the changes in technology and having outreach programs available on the social media platforms for any immigrants thinking of moving to Edmonton, as well as clubs, services, and resources available to our existing community here.

We wish to collaborate with other organizations, businesses, and people to elevate our communities, deliver memorable experiences, exchange ideas, generate relationships, and keep our city vibrant in its culture!​

You are always welcome at the Edmonton Taiwanese Association! We make it our priority to provide you with the best experience!

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